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Cosmetics and expiration dates

Amanda Li

Posted on January 23 2018

Did you know that cosmetics have expiration dates?
Once you open a product they begin to trap bacteria and this increases the risk for skin irritations, breakouts and infections! Expired products actually contain levels of contamination from bacteria. We know it hurts to throw away our precious makeup but once they have gone past the expiration date you will notice changes in colour and texture – if you keep using them you are risking infection.
So how do you know if your products are near expiring?
Meet the PAO symbol  – this is on most cosmetics and tells you how long to keep using the product once opened. These PAO symbols range from 6 to 24 months.
Have a look at your products and see if you can spot it!
Here are some tips on how to make your cosmetics last longer:
  • Always wash your hands before using any cosmetics! Doing this will reduce the number of bacteria getting into the product. This is especially important for liquid-based cosmetics, as bacteria loves moist environments.
  • Wash your makeup brushes regularly, as they hold bacteria for a long period of time. Lucky for you our Deluxe Pro Brush Vault comes with a Silicone Brush Pad to help get your brushes squeaky clean.
  • Try storing your products away from sunlight, keep them cool and make sure you close the lid tightly after use to prevent bacteria from creeping in.