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Tame your brows!

Amanda Li

Posted on March 29 2018

Our brows are important for human communication and facial expressions. But now our brows also play an essential role in appearance. For example, depending on shape and arch it can make you look more youthful – well-groomed brows can lift your face and make the eyes appear larger and more open. Brows also help frame the eyes which can help flatter a range of eye looks!

Here’s our handy tip on how to keep your brows tamed!

  • Using a spoolie brush and brush your brow hairs towards your hairline – then trim any hair that passes your natural brow’s border
  • Clean up your brows with a tweezer – don’t overpluck! Remember less is more. A handy tip is to use natural light when doing this. Follow your natural brow shape!
  • Use the pencil or brow powder in our Define Brush palette and fill in any gaps OR use our stencils for a lil’ guidance 😉
  • Set your brows in place with eyebrow wax so they stay fleeky all day!

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