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BB Cream
Great coverage

Medium too dark/red tint

Need light


I loved the pigments! I love everything!! 😻

love this palette, love the colors and the brush. keep up the good work!!!

Pretty but not what I expected

Lovely colors but not very pigmented. Not like I’m used to from this brand.

Pretty good.

The first color (Celebrate) is a shadow topper with micro glitter of fuchsia and lavender instead of the pale rose gold in the Profusion pic and my pic. The top two and two bottom colors on the left are very pale on the eye as you can see in my pic. It looks a lot richer (deeper) on the Profusion website but they are quite light in person. Zenith (gold) is a color that appears in most Profusion Eye Palettes. They need to replace it with a dirty gold instead of recycling the same color. Atlantis is super saturated and lovely. Nimbus (hot pink) is between a satin and shimmer... beautiful. Not too bright like I thought it would be... sits so nicely on the eye. Nebula looks sort of silver in my pic because I used it. However, It's a purple (not blue) with pink and turquoise micro-glitter. It doesn't look quite like it does on the website but it's really pretty. All apply easily.

Perfect colors.

The first color that looks white is a duochrome with a pinkish shift. The colors in the palette are soft and pigmented. I'm amazed with the formula. I thought the silver would be too bright but it's just the right intensity on the eye. The only color I wish were different is Zenith (gold). It's in almost every Profusion eye palette I have and it should be replaced with a dirty gold instead of this yellow-gold. Enigma (dark blue matte) is really pretty. I love the crease color and the Madly which is pretty in the outer corner. The green I amazing and looks richer than the pic on the eye. There's no need to keep recycling this particular color.

Pretty colors, hate the glitter.

I bought this palette for the light blue (sky), and the light green mattes the most. Sky is surprisingly pigmented for a light blue and the greens that are usually hard to formulate are buttery soft, pigmented and not the lease bit patchy. Breathless is a stunning duo-chrome with a bluish/purple shift. Marigold is pigmented for a bright yellow. The mattes are all pigmented and buttery soft. Very impressive. The shimmers in some of the past palettes could sometimes be chunky (probably due to too much dimethicone) but these shimmers are buttery and pigmented. Periwinkle is a satin/shimmer and it's absolutely beautiful. I don't have another color like it in my entire palette collection.
The glitters are very rough in texture. I don't know why something that's not eye safe would be put in an eye palette. Zenith is in almost every eye palette I own from Profusion so I wish they'd switch it out with a dirty gold instead of recycling the color over and over again. Overall, the palette is beautiful and the formula compares to high end. Profusion actually improved their formula which was pretty good to begin with.

Very good, hate the glitter

This palette has a lot of great colors. Sky, Periwinkle, Sage and Clover are beautiful mattes. Since purples are greens are difficult to formulate, I'm impressed that these are so good. Sky is gorgeous light blue that's very pigmented. I was surprised at how well it shows up on the eyes. Breathless is a beautiful duo-chrome. Merigold is a stunning yellow that is very pigmented. The mattes are buttery soft. The shimmers are fantastic. Some of the past palettes have had a few chunky shimmers here and there but not this one.
The down side are the horrible glitters that are not eye safe and very rough to the finger. Something of this texture should not be in an eye palette. The color Zenith is pretty but it's in at least 4 other Profusion Eyeshadow Palettes I own. I wish Profusion would put a dirty gold in their future palettes instead of recycling Zenith over and over again. Besides the shimmers, I would recommend this palette because the colors are beautiful and the formula is outstanding.


I have purchased many Profusion cosmetics in the past several months and I am completely satisfied with the whole line!!!!!

BB Cream

I loved it its soft and give to ur sking that natural glow

Mixed Metals Rose Gold

Amazing 😍😍 😍😍 😍

I don't know why people don't talk about this palettes. There are so amazing... Plus the way the company ship the items is so incredible. Every item is wrap separately with bubble wrap plus air bag on top and bottom of the box. Not even a high end store like Sephora will protect the items like that. This cosmetic line has it all quality, performance, etc I will be buying more!!! 😍😍😍😍



Lippie Squad


Excellent pigment, beautiful colours glides really smoothly

It sparkles!

This is so good! I've worn it multiple times. The glitter does not budge from the eyes. There is no fallout, just beautiful sparkles. Move over Stila there is a new eye sparkler in town! I bought all shades after trying this one.

Strobe & Glow Perfection

Love the glow it gives me! Highlights galore!!!




Best eyeliner ever!

Dosent ger smuged after a long work day, im obessed

party pretty!

Pretty shimmery shadows perfect for the holidays!

Pigment is good, product is good

Spectrum Palette

blendable beauty

Love the shades and the ease in use. It's powdery but very buildable and I love the shade range.


You wont find another brand like Profusion. I heard about this brand from a makeup artist youtuber and I'm so glad I did! The pigment is just as good as an expensive brand like MAC. Dont just stop at the highlights, try the eyeshadows and everything! You wont be disappointed!!!