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Golden Nights eyeshadow palette im going to use in my YouTube Channel so please look at my YouTube channel THE BEAUTY ROOM BY DAWN FLOYD.

Eyeliner good

I love this eyeliner yes and easy to take off and how cute I look on yes

Fuchsia 10 Shade Palette Rocks! 💕💕💕

This ten-shade palette has ten great colors and a great mix of matte and shimmer! Highly blendable and the colors stay true for many hours. One of my all time favorite palettes!

Love it

I bought this a about 2 months ago and I love it I have bought a few eyeshadow palettes from profusion and I have loved the all

A great option for colored mattes

This Palette has gotten some bad press, so when I ordered it, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was actually quite impressed with the initial pigmentation.

The issue is that blues and purples are a challenge to formulate in a matte shadow. And when I saw these reviewed and trashed on some YouTube channels, I noticed that they made the mistake of packing a lighter shade all over the lid and then trying to go in with the darker blue to blend. This can work with some shadows, especially higher-end shadows. But even high priced companies have some challenges with their blues and purples. So I don't think you can fault a $5 palette.

Instead, try packing the darkest colors on first, and apply them by tapping or stamping them into place before blending out the edges. This will help to lay the color down and ensure that it's not splotchy.

The other issue a lot of people have is that they lack a basic understanding of color theory, and wonder why teal won't layer over orange. I don't know what to say about that other than google it and study a color wheel. You can't blend colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

I have a LOT of Profusion palettes, and this one is definitely not at the top of my list. But that's not so much because it's a bad palette as much as that the others are SO incredible.

If you're serious about colorful palettes, go elsewhere. If you just want an inexpensive colorful palette to get started, this is fine.

If you're unfamiliar with Profusion, don't start with this one.


Eye & Face

I give it a 4 star because it’s the same palette as the pink nudes and if I would of known I wouldn’t of gotten it again lol but overall cute affordable palette perfect for Spring time ✨✨✨💗

Take me to the Whipped Glow Highlighter

Nice colors and very soft. Unfortunately, they’re so soft they arrived cracked.


I was specting more pigmentation, certain colors are very patchy and hard to work with like blue and the purple one, but is ok for the price ....

Best palette ever! Bought two, Glam and Day Face!

These palettes did not disappoint! The pigments are excellent; no fall out! Lasted all day! Used my own brushes, though. The price was excellent! Don't hesitate to purchase!

A ton of stuff!

I was pleasantly surprised about how much stuff came in my mystery box! I was hoping for a few specialty eyeshadow palettes, but maybe I'll get some in another box when I decide to order another one. I did really like how I got a lot of makeup brushes and some face contour and highlights sets. I will definitely have fun trying them. Also everything I got came very nicely and professionally wrapped. I didn't have any broken palettes or any other issues with the packaging.Over all I am very pleased with my purchase of the mystery box and will definitely order more!😊

Absolutely budgeproof eyeshadow primer

I've tried alot of eyeshadow primers. Drugstore brands, some high priced primers. Some were great, some were okay & some were awful. Profusion creates really great products & this eyeshadow primer is one of the great ones. It's not greasy, it's not some strange color, and it really makes my eyeshadow budgeproof! Almost bulletproof! I fell in love with it when I bought several kits that included the primer. I was very happy Profusion finally made it a basic staple of the line.

Product arrived

I bought a pair of mystery boxes of makeup from Profusion, all arrived in tact, save one small pallet. I call that a win.

Very pretty, versatile palette

I bought this as a gift for my sister and she loves it! The colors are great and the packaging is adorable

Punchy, pretty color exactly where I want it!

What I love about profusion is that it IS the color you see, where you put it, probably 95% of the time. (I’m looking at you, spectrum palette marine blue!)
You can do so mucin with these quads, and trust that the colors work in harmony.

Nice palette

This is a nice blush palette for a great price. The colors are good for my light to medium complexion and while not very pigmented, the colors are buildable which I like in a blush.

Great item

The lipstick beauty bag is a great deal. The colors are very nice and the makeup bag is definitely a cute bonus! I came back to order more but they were sold out.

Beautiful !

As usual this palette doesn't disappoint . I love Profusion make up so much! Get this you can not go wrong #addictedtomakeup


This pallete is little, but man it does its job! Great for traveling.

Super cute palette!!!

I know it is a WHILE past Halloween but this was a palette that you could beat for the price! Profusion is a great, economical brand, that I recommend checking out!


I love these brushes! Very soft, very good at blending, very versatile.

Route Protection

Excellent Servicw


Thr colors are so pretty. Just love it