Introducing our most innovative makeup brush collection ever.

Magnetix brushes deliver flawless application with handles that magnetise to any steel surface. Designed to make storing your brushes a help rather than a hindrance, our Core Collection frame is a multipurpose tool. Why not try attaching your brushes to the upper edge to dry after washing? As well as keeping the cruelty-free bristles pristine, this will keep water from entering the base of the brush head.

Whether you're new to the world of makeup or a seasoned pro, the Core Collection is a beauty essential.

Including 4 essential brushes for flawless application: the classic Powder Brush, the angled Contour Brush, exclusive Flat Foundation Brush and the Eyeshadow Brush, all within a magnetic steel frame - everything you need to create looks that are totally #onfleek.


*Please note: If your order is delivered outside the UK, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and charges in the destination country, payable by the customer. Profusion Cosmetics has no responsibility for these charges.



How to use
Use the Magnetix Powder Brush to finish and mattify any look - the only thing that will be shiny is the brush! Dip into your favourite powder and lightly sweep over skin, starting in the centre of the face and working outwards.

Magnetix Contour Brush is shaped to distribute cream or powder contour with precision, while the fullness of the bristles gives a soft, buffed finish. Press contour into the hollow of your cheeks, sweeping from side to side, leading with the shorter bristles.

For smooth, even application of cream and liquid foundations, use your finger to apply product to different points of the face, before introducing the Magnetix Flat Foundation Brush. Move the brush in long, sweeping motions, touching up with the tapered tip!

The densely-packed Magnetix Eyeshadow Brush is ideal for applying all-over eye pigment. Use a lighter shade to sweep over lids as a base, and use the tip of the brush to work a darker shade into the crease of your eye, or along the lower lashline.

Use the beautiful frame to store the brushes - from any angle! Head over to our IG for tips, tricks and tutorials to get your MUA skills on point!